Saturday, July 21, 2018

Years have gone by since my last post. Now I am tasked with putting down in writing last will and testament. It is not easy, but interesting. What will the final footprint you leave in the sand be like? Will it be clear and headed in the direction of a life well lived or partially washed away by the power of regret or denial? I often think of my fiber arts as a metaphor for life. I am compelled to keep creating despite the fact that every project has its little flaw. The impulse is to create something with substance from something with promise like yarn or fiber. My hope will be for my people to have a sense of who I am/was in the hour of my passing so that my final requests and plans make sense to them. As I said it is not an easy thing, thinking about these things. But it is necessary as we head into older age and the certainty on death. It is meant to provide some direction and peace in that time.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Mothers day love gushes inward where once it gushed out! The flow is never ending but always changes; it ebbs and flows and sometimes swells till it satisfies the need to cover the doubts and limitations. Happy Mothers Day to all these wonderful mothers I call family.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Beach Fun and Child Development

Children when given the opportunity to be bored in nature find the most curious and interesting ways to pass the time. Usually the elements of water, sun, sand and mirth are enough to spark spontaneous wackiness and fun. Their contagion is good for us tired and harried adults too. It brings all the memories of our childhood flooding in and allows us to slow our pace and sit back and take in the state of just being. Wish for the day? Do not continue to take away these experiences from our children!

Saturday, June 18, 2011


A letter to my Papi.
You taught me about food for the spirit. You, who had not enough food at times as a boy.
Yet you ventured into a piano store and taught yourself to play the classical pieces that you would listen to all your life; your beloved Tchaikovsky and so many of your other Russian friends. You passed this love to us with care. You dubbed tapes for us and pointed out particular heart notes in the music. Many times we did not understand but the music you loved was sustaining to us. It held us up as we danced the dance of life.

You embraced the beauty of the Redwood tree and drew its strength to you. It flowed onto us as we gazed up hundreds of feet to the heights. Now our sons and daughters gaze up and their sons and daughters too. We walked among the giants on father's day and I thought mostly of you and your awe before them.

You found sustenance in the word and though I mostly remember you active and always doing something with your hands, you still found time to lead me to books and poetry that became the food for thought I needed to grow into my own person with strong ideas and opinions.

¿Y tu Perú Papi? La tierra de tu nacimiento y fuente de inspiración para Pichi Cuma, los cuentos que nuestros hijos crecieron escuchando. Tu aseguraste de que nunca olvidemos de dónde venimos. Tu nos inspiraste el amor a toda su belleza y desaliño. Soy peruana de principio a fin gracias a ti.

The world weighed heavy at times in your life but you never strayed far from the spirit. My dear Papa, your legacy is rich. I am a better person because of you. I miss and love you dearly. La Flacita.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


When I think of the many things I wish for of My boys I think most important is that they stay close. When I spend time with them and watch them maneuver space and time it can be so wonderful. It can also be worrisome as they struggle to hold close while expanding into their own selves. The inadequacies are magnified but so too is the love; sometimes unconditional. I cannot tell them that life will deal some cards that can at times burn bridges between siblings. I can tell them that healing is possible and ultimately worth it. They issued forth from my womb with many compounds in common. This will serve to bounce them back to each other come what may. This is my wish. This is my hope. To call each brother is everything.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Mangy Beasts

The muse returns? I have had a dead period in my fiber arts life. Not sure that a body can sustain healing, creating and sustaining all at once. Off balance is a tricky venture. Being back in balance has allowed the muse to peek out once more but tentatively. Mangy beasts will be the testing ground. Here is one little dear who has a bit of an illusion of grandeur but he is still so grand. I hope to make more but am trying to get the courage to make them in vibrant fiber colors. A purple cat? A bright blue dog? I will try and see.